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We (Seller) know our coaching, training works! However, we (Seller) also realize that different Buyers come from different backgrounds and learning styles. The Seller wants to help you (The Buyer) utilize the training to the fullest before you (The Buyer) as part of the performance guarantee the Buyer agrees to a one on one coaching call with one of the Sellers staff (not a salesperson) to look at Buyers current usage and utilization of the training, coaching, and software so that the Seller’s team may look for areas of improvement that are in direct alignment with Buyer’s goals in the marketplace.

Why do we (Seller) offer such excellent customer service and guarantee? Because the Buyer purchased with intentions and expectations on how this item would benefit. Seller wants every possible opportunity to assist the Buyer thru training, 5-days-a-week expert technical support@dauniversity.com, and finally, 1-on-1 coaching phone calls to find where the performance is hindered and proactively coach and advice so Buyer may achieve wanted goals thru Sellers training.

In fact, the Seller agrees to help Buyer well beyond 45 days with any and all possible coaching which includes 5-days-a-week technical support, and one on one coaching calls if deemed needed by Seller to ensure Buyer performance satisfactions.

Seller provides 5-days-a-week support@dauniversity.com, a private Facebook community, technical support to assist in deploying the training material, expert Facebook support to look over any and all aspects of Buyers Facebook Campaigns at any time. If after Buyer has exercised all the Sellers support systems and it then becomes necessary to get on a 1-on-1 coaching call to ensure Buyer satisfaction the Seller agrees. The Buyer understands all sales are final and there are no refunds. In addition this was stated clearly on the purchase page https://dauniversity.com/fam in the terms, in addition at merchant checkout Buyer is required to check they have read and understood terms of services. Seller’s support always available thru 5-days-a-week support@dauniversity.com, our private Facebook group, and if necessary as determined by Seller 1 on 1 coaching calls to assist Buyer in fully utilizing the training and software. The Buyer agrees to schedule a 1-on-1 strategy call as part of the performance guarantee process to give Seller’s team an opportunity to ensure the item is being utilized to benefit the Buyer’s needs in the marketplace.

Here are further terms of the agreement. The Buyer agrees to the following within 45 days from the date of purchase. Complete the assignments inside the course, turn in the assignments so Company coaching may grade. Buyer agrees to make any recommended changes to the assignments per Company coaching advice. Buyer agrees to be active in the private facebook group by posting a minimum of two progress posts per week for the first 45 days. Progress post is simple a post of the progress made thus far in the private facebook group. Record all conversations with prospects in a .mp3 file so that Company coaches may evaluate and provide guidance for future calls. If Buyer has performed the said above within 45 days and does not have a paying client then Buyer agrees to a private phone call with Company instructor, Facebook instructor, and sales instructor to evaluate the reason(s) for not obtaining a client after completing the said above terms within 45 days of purchase. After phone call Buyer agrees to follow the coaching advice from Company instructions for the next 15 days. If after following the advice of the Company Coaches for 15 days the Buyer does not receive a paying client then Buyer has two options. First option, to continue to accept coaching from Company until first client is acquired. Second option, Buyer may opt for a full refund, plus reimbursement for all paid advertising and $1,000 dollars. Again, the Buyer must agree to the terms above if they are not meet then first and second options are void. Please note that because of the personal nature given in this training, all sales are final unless terms of agreement are meet as described above.

By checking the box, you agree to our terms and conditions listed in the following URL: https://famofmentors.com/fam-tos
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